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About us


Ernst Baart

The Hockey Site or THS started in December 2017 as - an online coach conference launched by both Ernst Baart from and Bernardo Fernandes from

In the summer of 2020 Ernst  rebranded to and went solo. Though still looking for a new team which would guarantee different views & insights from around the world.


Our why is summed up in 1 hashtag: #sharetheknowledge !

We want to provide hockey coaches from all over the world and from all levels (if you're ambitious and eager to learn) an online platform to learn from the best and to share our knowhow among each other. 


Our "how" is online only. A lot will be offered for free... because we believe in sharing is caring and giving back to our sport. Some of it will be paid, because we have to cover our costs but also want to offer coaches (like you) a way to make some extra money sharing knowledge.


An online library of drills and coaching knowhow ready to use in your daily coaching & training or for inspiration. A shared catalog filled with relevant knowledge, drills and coaching stuff. Obviously our hashtag #sharetheknowledge says it all.

From all of our coach chats and coach conferences we've created hundreds of shorter video clips. Short coach clips between 1 minute and 10 minutes. Clips where coaches share their knowledge and you can filter quickly on coach, technical, tactical, physical, mental or other topics to find what you're looking for.

Coach chats or webinars are where we will meet up online with renowned coaches from all over the world for a casual chat about their take on a coaching topic plus a Q&A fuelled by your questions. Join us live for free or become a member to (re)watch these on demand.

Lastly, but certainly not in the least we want to offer you several coach courses for online study of all elements in the coaching profession. Courses you can enroll whenever you want and where you study at your own pace. Courses on several very specific topics.

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