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What to expect from Coach Catalog

We use XPS

XPS by Sideline Sports is the world's best sports management software, so they say themselves 😉 And obviously they've got a point or we would no be using it here!
Visit their website if you want to know more or e-mail them.

However we will not force you to use XPS... If you still prefer the good old pencil & paper approach or some other kind of tool, you can still use our library or coach catalog here. No strings attached.
At first you will only be able to consult and view these tems in our Coach Catalog here online. But very soon we will add the ability to immediately share all of these by email or social media or add them directly to your own XPS account where you can freely adapt all of this to your specific needs.

Our main objective is and will always be to #sharetheknowledge !

Drills, exercises and documents

We distinguish between 3 main sections in our Coach Catalog here. Click to the right of the search bar to switch between these sections in our Coach Catalog

1) Drills

Drills are the components we use to create our regular team practices. They can focus on the phsyical, technical, tactical or mental aspects of the game. The folder structure will help you find the right drill and when you use some kind of software tool (like XPS) to help you prepare and plan your practices it will help you analyze where you've spent your time. Using the tags you can also filter on for example the creator of a drill, or the required level or language used to explain. Plus you will always be able to use the search bar on top to look for specific terms...

2) Exercises

Exercises are the components to create our individual workout sessions in the gym or elsewhere. They will always focus on the physical aspects. Similar to the drills section you always look for specific exercises using the folder structure or search bar.

3) Documents

Here we will store for you all kinds of relevant knowhow to #sharetheknowledge . Not components for your practice or workout but information you can turn to or share with others about different aspects of coaching, training and playing hockey.

So start exploring and enjoy our Coach Catalog... #sharetheknowledge with thanks to XPS by Sideline Sports 😉



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