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Coach Chats

Below you'll find the archives of upcoming and previous coach chats. These hockey webinars are 1 hour online masterclasses by some of the best coaches in the world. If you're a field hockey coach you can ask these top experts your own coaching questions when you join us live.

To view a coach chat live you need to confirm your seat at It's free if you can make it to the live session. ūü•≥
We will ask you for your name and email so we can inform you when we go live. You'll also be added to our free Coach Community monthly newsletter to keep you posted about future events.

On demand viewing afterwards is free for 3 days following the live session at Following those 3 days it's only possible if you become a paid member. You'll get access to all "members only" content, live & on demand. Plus you'll help us keep this site alive for hockey coaches all over the world to #sharetheknowledge.

Coach Chat archives

A coach chat is all about short (+/- 30 minute) video presentations by top hockey coaches from all around the world sharing their knowledge. A field hockey webinar if you will.  In a casual 1-on-1 we will discuss one specific practical coaching or training topic. And for some extra added value you get to ask them your specific hockey coaching questions in these talks, during the Q&A following their presentation. Occasionally we do live AMA (ask me anything) sessions as well or we set up informal conversations between experts about a certain topic...

Most of these hockey masterclasses will be live streamed and free for all. On demand viewing of the replay videos from these webinars afterwards will be "members only", available for paid members. Whenever they want...

Some of this will be re-purposed as mini-courses in shorter bite-sized videos. Available for all at a small price and with a certificate of attendance. We'll also make short coach clips from these. Clips from 1 to max 10 minutes. All of these coaching clips are members only content and searchable on the name of the hockey coach or topic addressed.

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Coach Chat FIH Pro League
Some of these Coach Chats were in cooperation with the FIH Academy
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