Ideas & Suggestions

The best way to have a good idea... is to have lots of ideas! So we invite you to #sharetheknowledge with us. Share your ideas & suggestions for what could be a good topic for a Coach Chat. Or what would be a good idea for a Coach Course you'd be interested in?

Share your inspiration with us! Or take a look at the ideas others (or we) suggested and vote for the ones you like. Leave a comment on the idea on what would be your take on this.

And believe me... it's not because we lack inspiration ourselves. We still have a ton of ideas about topics for chats, courses, conferences, etc... But we value your input on our ideas and we want to hear what you would like to see. Because #sharetheknowledge works through conversations and those are a two-way-street. We listen to what you want...

Ideas for Coach CoursesIdeas for Coach Chats

↪︎ #sharetheknowledge 😉