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Enjoy “members only” access to all we have to offer at The Hockey Site! We will email you access to the XPS license within 1 business day from signing up.
The subscription will be renewed automatically every month starting in month 5 after signing up, unless you cancel before the renewal date. The 80 euro sign up fee covers the first 4 months of your subscription.

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As XPS member you will have full access to all we have to offer at thehockeysite.com, including the “members only” content.

The XPS member gets:

  • Entry to almost all of our live & online coach conferences! Plus access on demand afterwards.
  • View all Masterclasses with renowned coaches, both live & on demand. Ask them your questions during the Q&A.
  • Enjoy a substantial discount on our Coach Courses. You will have free access to all masterclass courses.
  • Lifetime free access to our Coach Catalog, the best online library of drills and knowhow for field hockey coaches.

But equally important… You support and help keep this project alive & kicking… #sharetheknowledge

On top of that within 1 business day you will get an invitation to download XPS from us. With the XPS license from sidelinesports.com you’ll be able to power your coaching philosophy, use our playbook tool to create your own drawings & animations from plays or drills, plan & analyse your practice sessions, build & organise your own or shared knowledge database for drills, exercises, practices, etc…

If you found it useful you should check out the upgrade to a XPS Team license as soon as possible. It includes a license for you + 2 assistant coaches and 20 players. In XPS Team you will also get access to the video analyser and the video presenter tools included in XPS.