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7 Lessons

The neuroscience of high-performance coaching

In this course you will be introduced to the six critical factors that contribute towards high performance coaching. It combines the cutting edge neuroscience with sports as we teach you the why, how and the what of coaching high performing sports teams.

4 Lessons

Rebound Scoring

A masterclass by Jude Menezes (IND / NZL) on rebound scoring from a tactical and mental point of view.

6 Lessons

Pre-season physical programme

A masterclass by Phil Moreland (AUS) about the pre-season physical programme... and a bit more. About helping you think different about your pre-season.

7 Lessons

Build up solutions vs man to man

Build up solutions vs man to man is the topic presented by Fede Tanuscio (ARG 🇦🇷) from The Hockey Sense. If you follow these guys on instagram you know you're in for a treat of tactical insights very well illustrated with animations and annotated video. So make sure you get on board for this course.

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Robert Boyce (London School of Economics)

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