Coach Calendar

If you're anything like us, you enjoy every high performance hockey game, no matter who is playing. So we struggle getting all these games into our calendar and struggle finding the live stream or replay on the net. Sorry to say we can't help you with that last one. Finding the live streams has always been a pain the ass and with old fashioned broadcasting rights per country still a source for income, this is not likely to change.

But we can and will help you with getting all games and important hockey events into your calendar 🙂

We will not go as far as getting all national leagues in there but focus on the major international events. You'll find the recently released World Cup schedules in there and we'll add and update the HPL and other relevant events ASAP as well... If you visit our calendar page you'll also see the links to a public Google calendar you could add to your own in full or just the games you want. Or you can get the Ical file to import the calendar into yours. Or subscribe your calendar solution to this ical link :

We thank Jon Bray from World Hockey News to maintain and update the calendar for you... because you know... #sharetheknowledge 😉