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Our "why" is #sharetheknowledge so an important part of what we offer will always be free. It's our way of giving back to our sport. But for coaches who are serious about getting better every day we offer a paid membership. It helps us to #sharetheknowledge as well. If you're a (semi-) professional coach or from an ambitious club or sports academy you really should consider the XPS Team option. Highly recommended...

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XPS Team€ 990

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Power your coaching philosophy with XPS
The ultimate software solution for coaches and clubs.
Only for coaches who are serious about planning, organisation, analysis & accountability.
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Why XPS?

XPS network by Sideline Sports has partnered with us at The Hockey Site and we recommend the XPS solution to our coaches. Not because it would make us money. It does, but actually less than when you get a regular membership from us. We recommend XPS because it's a unique solution for coaches who want to work at becoming better all the time. It's the perfect tool for coaches who want to share knowledge with athletes, teams, clubs, academies, other coaches and... your own future self.

➜ Not yet a member but you do coach a high performance team?
Clicking more info above will take you to another website. But buying from there means you get your membership (for 3 coaches) here as well. It's included in the price 😉 . Could you use this for multiple teams? Contact me for a custom offer!

➜ Not yet a member and you do not have a team right now?
Click here to become a member and start building on your coaching curriculum. You'll get a very special discount only available to members from The Hockey Site.

➜ Already a member at The Hockey Site?
When you're logged in as a member you will see a button below here to upgrade to XPS and test it for free until October 1st, 2021...

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