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Time left before we close the door on regular subscriptions until next January


We open up our memberships for 3 months per year only! The months of September, January and May of every year, see countdown above. During that month you can treat yourself to a membership at just €10 /month or €99 /year. Afterwards as long as you renew your memberships in time you stay in our coach club which includes :

  • on demand access to all of our masterclasses, even when you can’t join us live
  • access to all masterclass courses
  • discounts on all premium courses & workshops
  • guaranteed seat to our coach conferences (some included)
  • free set up of your own Mastermind groups for peer-to-peer coaching on our dedicated platform
  • discounted access to our Mastermind groups for peer-to-peer coaching on our dedicated platform with our accountability coach included

If not available right now… check out our Membership by Invite ↓ 

Become a Member by Invite

So if you can’t get your membership right now, we still have you covered with our Membership by Invite options. Current partners offering you a deal on their services & goods that includes a coach club membership here are:

And we hope to add many more… If you’re a sponsored coach ask your brand to join us. If you’re a part of the academy of a national federation, tell them to join us. If you run your own coaching academy and you’re looking for an online partner, join us…
Contact @Ernst for more info here.

Become a free member

If a paid membership is not in the cards for you right now, feel free to register for a free membership of our coach community. We will notify you of all our live masterclasses so you can join these for free. Unfortunately if you can not make the live session, you do not have access to the on demand replay of it. 
But fear not, many of our masterclasses will be repurposed as an online course which you can buy access to for a small one-time fee. So you do not have to miss out on these if a topic really interests you…

As a free member you will also have access to our vibrant coach community with coaches from all over the world and you can share insights and knowledge in may topical groups. View & consult our coach catalog with many drills and sources of knowledge shared in it. Once you’re ready for it we hope you join us as a paid member to help us continue to #sharetheknowledge 🙂