Our full privacy policy will be published here ASAP…

Meanwhile let’s summarise the important bits for you:

  1. Yes, we store cookies on your device in order for the site to work for you in the way it’s intended.
  2. Yes, we track your visits and site behaviour using a standard set up with Google analytics.
  3. Yes, we track when you log in and if you open the emails we have sent you.
  4. No, we never ever share your data with advertisers, nor any other third parties for their commercial purposes.

In all of this we respect and follow all guidelines set out by the European legislation known as GDPR. We do not store any sensitive payment data since all of these are outsourced to reputable organisations.

If at any time you have concerns, questions or remarks do not hesitate to contact me here.
If at any time you wish to request we erase and/or send you all data we have store on you do not hesitate to contact me here.

Last updated on 2021-06-27.