Andreu Enrich is a hockey coach from the famous hockey city of Terrassa in Spain. The former Spanish international player has playing and coaching experience in Spain, The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.
In 2020 his playing days ended in Belgium and his coaching career really started in Germany. Mannheimer HC, one of Europe’s top clubs asked him to become their head coach as of the 2020-2021 season.
Not only is Enrich a coach, a player, a philanthropist… He is also a philosopher, a thinker about hockey having written several books about hockey. As a hockey trainer he is most known as the champion for the SSG, the small sided games in hockey.
For The Hockey Site we asked Andreu Enrich for a coach chat about the small sided games in 2020 and another coach chat together with David Harte and Ric Charlesworth on the Pygmalion effect.

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