Coach Chat #AMA with Mark Hager and Adrian Lock

In these special times with all of the world having to #stayhome in order to #staysafe and live with #socialdistancing we thought it would be a good idea to ramp up our efforts and try and provide you hockey coaches out there with a weekly Coach Chat. So we present the #AMA series of Coach Chats where you can ask any coaching question to some of the best coaches from around the world.

These #AMA Coach Chats will be live streamed on Fridays at 12:30h CEST on our facebook page (go here to ask your own question) and here on our website for all to see for FREE and without any obligation to log on or become a member here.

The replay videos of these #AMA Coach Chats will be available soon after the live stream on our website here for logged in Coach Community members (free lifetime membership) & our Coach Club members!

On Friday 2020-05-01 we were honoured to host not 1 but 2 great coaches!

Mark Hager is a former Australian international player turned coach and most recently known for lifting the New Zealand women to the top of the world. He has now taken on the challenge of Great Britain where he is hoping to keep Olympic gold in Britain.

Adrian Lock is the English coach who has worked his magic in recent years with the Spanish women. A team that has taken some undeniable steps towards the top and is becoming a serious challenger for the top teams in Tokyo.

We hope you enjoyed, learned & spread the love for hockey! Please do tell your coaching friends and #sharetheknowledge

The video from this Coach Chat is available here ⬇︎ (you need to be logged in for this to show)

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