double team defence

Double Team Defence – practice session by Sport101

Double team defence will be the main focus for a 90 minute practice session, designed & presented by Shenarda Dedic 🇬🇧 from the Sport101 academy. Earlier this year we had the kick off for a series of coach chats dedicated to designing practice sessions for your teams. Every other week we’ll have a coach chat about setting up your next team practice with a focus on 1 specific topic.

All of these chats will be very hands on and interactive sessions building a practice session you could use or adapt immediately to your own team.

Ball carry by Shenarda Dedic

Sport101 & Shenarda Dedic

Sport101 was founded by Mike Irving from the UK. As a former head coach at national league level and an experienced FIH Academy educator. Nowadays he’s working with different coaches & educators, like Shenarda Dedic, through Sport101 to to make a difference to young players in their development. Shenarda is coaching the ladies 1 team at HC St Albans in the UK.

Double Team Defence

Double team defence will be the main topic for this training session. We will be using a tool called XPS for our session design. XPS is the most comprehensive coaching software out there. It includes a playbook feature to make your own drawings, diagrams and animations to visualise your drills or games. A library to store all of your drills and exercises. An interactive calendar to start planning your next team practice by drag & drop from the library, logging attendance to keep up the stats and launching questionnaires to all of your players to request their training load or other feedback automatically following each training. We’ll show you how it works, but we’ll also make sure the chats and practice design sessions are useful to you if you do not want to use XPS yourself.

So we are live on Friday May 13. We are going live at 13h CEST in Europe, which would be 7am EST for the US & Canada, 8h in Buenos Aires, 12h in the UK, 13h in most of Africa, 16:30h in India or 19h AWST in Perth, Australia.
As usual if you joined us live it’s free. It will remain free as an on demand video following the live stream for a couple of days. But if you want to watch it afterwards on demand, you need to be a member.

See it live or on demand

Below you’ll find the live stream and later on the recording from our live stream once we were live. If you have your own XPS account with access to The Hockey Site you can find the full practice afterwards in the session templates to use with your own team immediately. The individual drill are to be found in our coach catalog as well. Or if you’re not an XPS user (yet) you can download the PDF for the same below after we went live.

All of our on demand content for members only has been moved to our XPS app: