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How to bring applied neurosciences into coaching – by Andy Longley

In our series of masterclasses we sometimes like to bring coaches & experts from outside of hockey. How to bring applied neurosciences into coaching will be brought to you by Andy Longley, from New Zealand and the sport of rugby rather than hockey.

Andy Longley & coachup

Andy Longley

The expert bringing you this masterclass is Andy Longley 🇳🇿, co-founder at coachup.

With a background in the military, Andy has been working as a performance psychologist since 2006 with the New Zealand Navy where he supported and coached members of the special forces. He also worked in the airline industry and of course in sports. He has spent many years working in sport performance & coaching in Europe where he was the senior global director for talent & leadership development for adidas. It was there where Andy focused his work on psychology & applied neuroscience, believing that from understanding how our mind and brains work, sports coaches can take their coaching to the next level.

Andy started off his sporting career as an elite rugby player where he’s played at the highest level across five countries before moving into rugby coaching. He continues to work as a performance coach and expert with professional rugby teams and head coaches alike.

Live or on demand

So we were live on Friday September 2. If you are able to join us live it’s free. If you want to watch it afterwards on demand, usually you need to be a member. We made an exception for this masterclass which will be free to watch on demand as well.

How to bring applied neurosciences into coaching

We know it is the coach who makes the team-work, work! The founders of coachup noticed the majority of traditional sports coaching development focuses on skills, drills and tactics. But this neglects the most important element of high performance… the team environment. With their backgrounds in psychology, neuroscience and in elite sport from Olympians to the Premier League football they set themselves a challenge. They dedicated themselves to find a way to make the science of team performance available to sports coaches, no matter what the sport, no matter what the country, in a really practical way.

In our live & interactive masterclass, Andy sheds some light in 1 topic of how to start bringing applied neuroscience into your coaching. Following the masterclass we launched a more in-depth premium course for those among you who want to master the skills and apply these in your day-to-day coaching activities.

Below you ‘ll see the on demand video from this masterclass in full ↓ It will give you a first taste 🙂 Below the video you’ll find the link to the highly recommended in depth course. Make sure to check it out…

In this course you will be introduced to the six critical factors that contribute towards high performance coaching. This development experience is made up of 7 recorded lessons or workshops featuring over 8 hours of expert content at your fingertips.

The course also combines the cutting edge neuroscience with sports as we teach you the why, how and the what of coaching high performing sports teams.

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