Physical KPI

Physical KPI’s

Topic of the day will be the physical key performance indicators for hockey. We asked Wouter Blondeel from Speedlab to share his knowledge about this.


Wouter Blondeel & Speedlab

Wouter Blondeel 🇧🇪 is the S&C coach for the Belgian U21 men and high potentials. He got his masters degree in movement science & recently founded to help coaches, players, teams and youth academies become faster & stronger.

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Physical KPI’s for hockey

The physical KPI’s for hockey was the topic of choice for Blondeel. Starting from theory, GPS values in general working towards more speed. Because faster players make a difference. How to work on this in your warm up. Moving from theory to how to work on it in your day to day training practices. With his extensive experience at the top level in hockey he has some very interesting knowledge to share 😉

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