tactical dilemmas by Andreu Enrich

Tactical Dilemmas – a masterclass by Andreu Enrich

Tactical dilemmas is not just the title of the latest book by Andreu Enrich. It’s also the topic for our masterclass at February 10, 2023 with the Spanish coach.

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Andreu Enrich

Andreu Enrich (1984) comes from the famous hockey city of Terrassa near Barcelona. As a player he played for Spain, his club or origin Atlètic Terrassa but also in the Dutch, German and Belgian leagues. Following his playing days he became the head coach for the German top club Mannheimer HC. Previously Enrich was involved in masterclasses about the Pygmalion effect (together with David Harte & Ric Charlesworth) and about small sided games.

tactical dilemmas

Tactical Dilemmas

His latest book and our masterclass is about tactical dilemmas. A dilemma is a situation in which apparently you have to choose between two possibilities, both of them being, a priori, plausible and equally desirable. He decided to use the format of “dilemmas” in order to express the crucial value of tactical decisions: choices that we are in charge of making. I doubt we’ll have the time to deal with all the dilemmas described in his book, so my suggestion is to read the book before our live & interactive masterclass, so you can ask him your questions about any of the dilemmas that tickle you as a coach…

Some clips to give you a taste…

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