AMA with Roelant Oltmans

AMA with Roelant Oltmans

Roelant Oltmans is a legendary coach. Living proof age is no barrier if the love for hockey is your drive. The Dutch coach is one of very few coaches who won World Cup gold in both men and women’s hockey with his home country. Add to this the Olympic gold in the Atlanta Games and you start to get why they call him legendary. Besides his home country of The Netherlands he also coached Pakistan, Malaysia and of course India. Roelant Oltmans is considered the mastermind coach behind India’s revival as their technical director for many years and national coach for some of these. These days he is back in Holland where he is the men’s head coach for Kampong, one of the top clubs in the Dutch Hoofdklassse.

We asked him to do an open AMA (ask me anything) session for us following the European Championships from 2021 and just ahead of the Tokyo Games.

So start thinking of everything you want to ask him, take out your calendar and write this in at Saturday 2021-06-19 at 13:00h in Europe and most of Africa, which would be 23:00h in New Zealand, 19h00 in Perth, 16:30h in India,12:00h in the UK or 08:00h in Buenos Aires. Make sure you block that time and book a seat now⬇︎ if you want to join us live. As usual if you join us live it’s free, if you want to watch it on demand you need to be a member.

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