Shane O'Donoghue coach chat

How to cope with the unexpected – by Shane O’Donoghue

How to cope with the unexpected is a topic is something that will come in handy at all times, but of course especially in these challenging times we’re living right now with the pandemic. But it happens to coaches all the time obviously. Wether it’s a key player getting injured the day before a top game, wether it’s the opponent coach surprising you with a new tactical move, wether it’s something we can’t even consider at the moment… Big or small moments of unexpected events. How do we deal with it…

We thought this we be a cool topic for someone like Shane O’Donoghue. A player still… for his Irish club side Glenanne HC (and previously Dragons HC in Belgium) and the Irish national team. Olympian from Rio 2016 as well. But he is also a coach, both in sports as in corporate life for a company he represents in Ireland: Mentally Fit.

So by now you’re too late! We were live at Friday 2021-03-05 at 12:30h CET in Europe, which was 22:30h in Sydney & Melbourne, 19h30 in Perth, 17:00h in India, 13:30h in most of Africa, 11:30h in the UK, 08:30h in Buenos Aires or… Saturday the 30th at 00:30h in Auckland. As usual if you were able to join us live it was free, if you want to watch it on demand afterwards you need to be a member.

Enjoy the full replay video below. Well have it up as a mini-course here as well soon for those interested in this topic but who are not ready to become a member…

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