Anthony Potter coach chat

Culture relating to Performance – by Anthony Potter

Anthony Potter is the assistant coach for the Kookaburras, the Australian national mens team. Current n° 2 in the FIH global ranking and one of 3 favourites for a gold medal in Tokyo this summer. Potter will talk to us about his pathway of 20 years and lessons learned coaching in different cultures and different levels on his way to Tokyo. Topic of the day is the culture relating to performance.

So by now you’ve missed the live session! We were live at Friday 2021-03-19 at 23:30h in Perth, which was 20:00h in India, 17:30h in most of Africa, 16:30h in Europe, 15:30h in the UK, 12:30h in Buenos Aires or 10:30h ET in the US. As usual if you join us live it’s free, if you want to watch it on demand afterwards you need to be a member.

We opened our doors 30 minutes before the live session, so you could join us early. Have a talk with fellow coaches from around the world in our lounge, as if they are sitting across the table from you. The lounge remained open for some time after the live session for your networking or a casual chat with the other coaches. 

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