Former German international player Jamilon Mülders (1976) became a coach following his playing days. After many years in the U21 programme for Germany he took over the German women in 2012 winning gold at the European Championships in 2013 and bronze in Rio 2016. Next he accepted a challenge in China as the head coach for their women and following Tokyo he became the head coach for the Dutch national women.
For The Hockey Site Jamilon Mülders did our very first coach chat in 2018 about communication and in 2022 he did another masterclass on result vs process. And he joined us in several panel talks.

See some of his coach clips below ↓ To see all of his masterclasses and coach clips from us get XPS where you will find +100 masterclasses from many top coaches and +500 shorter coach clips.

jamilon mülders

Some of the coach clips by Jamilon Mülders