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  1. Tom Archer
    2018-02-04 @ 22:34

    My question would be as the requirements of the game continues to progress towards and even faster more powerful game and subsequent requirements of the athletes continue to grow, do you have any specific or general physical and / or mental tests you like to use on your athletes and how regularly? Cheers ?

  2. Peter
    2018-02-16 @ 09:21

    It is said rather than telling players what to do, the coach's job is to act as a facilitator in the learning process. What would you consider some key questions to ask players at different moment to steer them in the right direction?

  3. Peter
    2018-02-16 @ 09:49

    Before and after games and in between quarters of halves we see teams talk sometimes in 1 group or sometimes in several groups (often defence, midfield, attack). When should a coach choose one or the other approach and why?

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