Reverse press

Reverse press: a practice session by Coach Pholo

The June 27 session design masterclass features Coach Pholo sharing her practice with a focus on the reverse press. #ICYMI become a member to watch this session and all others on demand.

Coach Pholo

Coach Pholo

Coach Pholo 🇿🇦  played the Athens Olympics as a player for South Africa. She also played football and even represented her country at a world cup in touch rugby as well. Following her playing days she turned to coaching. She became a level 4 accredited FIH coach as well as a renowned coach educator for the FIH Academy. Today she runs her own hockey academy, coaches for the University of Johannesburg and is the striker coach for the SA national men’s team.

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So we were live on Monday June 27 instead of Friday June 24. So a couple of days after the original scheduled date because of power outages in South Africa.
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