Why a coach needs a coach – by Cody Royle

On October 8 we hosted another coach chat. We’re all familiar with the coach the coach concept, but we seldom practice what we preach. Cody Royle will make us see why a coach needs a coach. Born in Australia, emigrated to Canada, he became an author and football coach. He’s spent the last six years as the head coach of AFL Team Canada, the men’s national program for Australian Rules Football. 

Why a coach needs a coach. Cody Royle about the coach the coach concept

Cody is a standout voice in how leadership propels teams to sustained success. His first book, Where Others Won’t proposed that businesses should look at how pro sports teams focus on team dynamics and talent optimization in order to innovate. The book included in-depth interviews with the likes of Detroit Pistons legend Joe Dumars, former Phoenix Suns head coach Igor Kokoskov, Buffalo Sabres head coach Ralph Krueger, and Canadian WNT soccer player Ashley Lawrence. 
In February 2021, Cody’s second book was released, titled The Tough Stuff. In it, he explores the challenges of head coaching in elite sports, with renowned figures like Dan Quinn (Atlanta Falcons), Ben Olsen (DC United), Carly Clarke (Ryerson WBB), Stuart Lancaster (England Rugby), and former Raptors head coach Jay Triano all lending their personal stories. It has become a #1 Amazon bestseller in Canada and Australia.

Coach the coach

Since the success of The Tough StuffCody has launched into coaching head coaches in elite sports, and now mentors over a dozen coaches in half a dozen different sports around the world.

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Why a coach needs a coach

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