9 yards scoring by Mike McCann

9 yards scoring – by Mike McCann

On November 10 we brought you Mike McCann to talk with us about 9 yards scoring. The box between penalty spot and goal – also referred to as the 9 yards area – is where most goals are scored from.

Mike McCann about 9 yards scoring

A prolific striker himself for the Australian Kookaburras back in the days, Michael McCann has been coaching for many years in Germany following his playing days. Involved with several German national teams as well as top clubs such as Mannheimer HC in Germany.

9 yards scoring

Coaches know the majority of last touches or deflections resulting in a goal happen within the so called 9 yards area. So how can we improve our 9 yards scoring skills. Mike McCann will go through it all: rebounding, post work, shot selection, 1-2 contact goal shooting, deflections…

Nov 10

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Mike McCann live

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