Coach Catalog is where we collect all useful knowledge we encounter wherever. These can be drills, small sided games, exercises, webinars, plays, blog posts, …. You name it!

It’s free and will always be free, but you need to be logged in to access it. So make sure you’re logged in and enter the library of your choice.

We chose XPS to manage our knowledge library. Check below ↓ to learn more about XPS, an amazing piece of coaching software we think.

Why we use XPS for our Coach Catalog?

XPS network by Sideline Sports has partnered with us at The Hockey Site and we recommend the XPS solution to our coaches. Not because it would make us money. It does, but actually less than when you get a regular membership from us. We recommend XPS because it’s a unique solution for coaches who want to work at becoming better all the time. It’s the perfect tool for coaches who want to share knowledge with athletes, teams, clubs, academies, other coaches and… your own future self. So power your coaching philosophy with XPS… and with The Hockey Site of course 😉

So you’ve guessed it. We’re big XPS fans at The Hockey Site. But we would never impose any extra costs for the use of XPS on any coach. So if you join us as a XPS member (paid subscription) we will not charge you any extra fees for the content we bring you.
That said… we do think any ambitious coach, team, club or academy would benefit from the upgrade to XPS Team. Accountability is key in all we do. Flexibility as well. So if you choose to continue using for example another video analysis solution. Fine, we’ll help you integrate it. XPS will help you plan, measure, analyse and improve the element you and your players spend most of your time on: training !