Build up from under a high press by Shea McAleese

Build up from under a high press – by Shea McAleese

Build up from under a high press was the topic we asked one of the most experienced defenders in international hockey Shea McAleese. He recently retired from the international game and is switching focus to coaching.

Shea McAleese

Shea McAleese

The defender played his club hockey in home country New Zealand, before moving to Europe where he would play for HGC in the Dutch Hoofdklasse. Next he moved to Belgium playing for Braxgata in the men’s Honour Division, while also coaching their women’s Honour Division team, where he would pick up his first national title as a coach. He played over 300 games for the New Zealand Black Sticks, including 4 Olympic Games and 4 World Cups. Today he’s the high performance & development manager for the Hawke’s Bay Hockey Association and the assistant coach for the New Zealand women.

Build up from under a high press

When you play vs Australia as much as New Zealand does, you’re bound to find the right ways to build up from under a high press. It requires technical, tactical, physical and mental skills. McAleese has recent top hockey experience doing it himself, as well as the coach’s eye for it.

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