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Coach Conference launched its virtual coach conference in december 2017.

Not unlike a traditional conference with keynotes and workshops. What sets us apart is we do this 100% online. So coaches from all over the world will be able to attend without travel. No expensive airplane tickets, no hotel costs, no days wasted on travelling back & forth. Get valuable insights from coaches from other cultures and from those with extensive, often international, experience.

coach conference

Members usually get free access to both the live sessions as well as the on demand replay videos from the keynotes and workshops at the conferences. If you're not a member yet check out the membership options

Previous editions Coach Conference

The coach conference usually lasts a full day with a keynote speech and several workshops. The workshops consist of short (+/- 30-45 minute) video presentations by top hockey coaches sharing their knowledge. In a casual 1-on-1 chat we will discuss one specific practical coaching or training topic. And for some extra added value you get to ask them your specific hockey coaching questions in these sessions during the Q&A following their presentation. If you attend the live sessions obviously. We make sure in any conference workshops cover technical, tactical, physical and mental topics.

Some of the workshops and keynotes from these coach conferences will be re-purposed as mini-courses in shorter bite-sized videos. Available for all at a small price and with a certificate of attendance. We'll also make short coach clips from the presentations. Clips from 1 to max 10 minutes. All of these clips are members only content and searchable on the name of the hockey coach or the hockey topic addressed.

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