defensive systems

Defensive systems – a masterclass by Fede Tanuscio

The topic for this masterclass by Fede Tanuscio will be defensive systems in hockey. The livestream was online for free on Friday, March 17, 2023. Afterwards you can watch it on demand (for subscribed and logged in members only) below.

Defensive systems

The main function of a game system, such as the defensive systems we’ll discuss today, is to get organised tactically, close spaces and to understand how to use these to your advantage. Tanuscio will talk about the principles, the development, the rigidity vs flexibility and roles & responsibilities. As well as describe the most used defensive systems and of course how to train these.

Fede Tanuscio & The Hockey Sense


fede tanuscio

Born in Argentina Fede Tanuscio came to Europe to become a pro hockey player and played for Argentina and in several top leagues across Europe. These days he is the technical director for Luxembourg.
Together with his friends Lucas Rey and Lucas Cammareri he co-founded The Hockey Sense. They combine their experiences as international players and coaches in different parts of the world for the joint study and analysis of modern field hockey with the same goal we have here #sharetheknowledge.

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