GOT metrics

GOT metrics – a masterclass by Darren Cheesman

The topic for this masterclass by Darren Cheesman 🇬🇧 is GOT metrics. The livestream was online for free on Friday, May 5. Afterwards you can watch it on demand (for subscribed and logged in members only) below.

Darren Cheesman

Darren Cheesman

Darren Cheesman is a hockey coach from England. Cheesman played for GB / England and his club hockey in the domestic leagues of England (East Grinstead) and the Netherlands (Oranje Zwart). Very active in the FIH Academy as a highly regarded coach educator, he is doing his on field coaching these days in Germany and before that in Belgium and the Netherlands.
For The Hockey Site Darren Cheesman previously also hosted a very interactive live session in his coach chat on long corner offensive tactics in 2021.

GOT metrics

Recently Cheesman published a thesis for his Master of Science in Elite Sports Coaching Practice entitled: “Reviewing GOT Metrics as KPIs for the German Women’s International Field Hockey team, and as a tool to inform future strategy and training interventions. A Case Study approach.” That was a good enough reason to ask him to tell us more about this topic in a new masterclass…

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GOT metrics

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The topic for this masterclass by Darren Cheesman 🇬🇧 is GOT metrics. Based upon the thesis for his masters degree. We build the course with 6 chapters and the Q&A from the live masterclass.

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