Salman Akbar - how to include the goalie

How to include the goalie – by Salman Akbar

The topic for this masterclass will be how to include the goalie in your team practices. It’s the eternal problem for trainers and coaches. How to include your goalkeeper in a meaningful way in your team practice.  And no, clearing those hits from drills designed for your strikers is not enough. So we asked a former international goalie to share his insights with us.

Salman Akbar

Salman Akbar GK Academy

Salman Akbar (1982) is a legend from Pakistan hockey 🇵🇰. Having participated in two Olympic Games for his home country in 2004 and 2008 and winning medals in several other international events. Following his international career he settled in the Netherlands where he played and coached.

Today Salman Akbar is a goalkeeper trainer for several clubs in the Netherlands and recently also was invited to Japan to train their goalies. He runs a goalkeeper academy in the Netherlands: the SGK Academy.

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How to include the goalie

The topic for this masterclass is how to include your goalkeeper in a meaningful way in your team practice. It remains a challenge for most coaches. Yes, we provide our goalies with extra specialised training sessions. Which is a good thing. But they also need to be an integral part of your team practices, both for your regular players to interact with but also for the goalie himself or herself. So we asked a legendary goalkeeper and GK coach to share his knowledge with us on how to include your goalkeeper.

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