Indoor hockey Bernardo Fernandes

Indoor hockey: individual & collective tactical trends – by Bernardo Fernandes

Bernardo Fernandes presented a premium webinar (entry fee was set at €10) for us about the individual & collective tactical trends of indoor hockey. A 2 hour interactive webinar with some in depth information about the indoor game.

Bernardo Fernandes is not only known as the founder of He is an experienced coach who worked in Portugal, The Netherlands, Belgium and nowadays in Germany. FIH Academy educator, coach mentor for the EHF and current head coach for the Portuguese indoor men.

The webinar was live on Saturday 2020-11-28 at 10:00h CET. If you registered for this webinar and you’re logged in here you will see the full replay video below. Coaches who registered for this, can view the replay whenever they want here. Or if they prefer to download it just send us an email requesting the full video file for their own use. Bernardo Fernandes generously allowed for this extra option.

In case you were too late or could not make it…. We will offer it to you ASAP as a course here at so no one has to miss out.

The coach course from this webinar will be shown here ASAP…

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