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Receiving skills – by Siegfried Aikman

Siegfried Aikman is the current head coach for the Japanese men, the Samurai. A coach who’s team was already qualified for the Tokyo Olympics as the host country, but nevertheless earned their participation on the field of play. Aikman has coached for many years in the Dutch hoofdklasse before taking on the challenge in Japan. He is also recognised as one of the leading coach educators for both the Asian federation as well as FIH Academy.

Receiving skills is the topic of choice for Siegfried Aikman. We were live on Friday 2020-12-04 at 08:30h in Buenos Aires, 11:30h in London, 12:30h in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Köln, Paris, Johannesburg,… and that’s 17:00h in New Delhi, 19:30h in Perth or 00:30h (Saturday) in Auckland. So by now you’re too late

Watch the replay video here… ⬇︎ It’s free if you were with us LIVE + normally you’ll get 3 days to r(e)watch the replay video. Members, as usual, will have on demand access afterwards to the entire video for free for ever. However since this was the last one of 2020 we’ll keep the video open and free for all until the end of 2020 😉

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