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  1. Srinivasa kumar
    2020-11-22 @ 19:49

    I am R V SRINIVASAKUMAR from India, I am a hockey coach in a international School. Basically I am a sports school student. I love hockey game. I have interest in playing as well as coaching also. So I like to improve my skills through joining your webner. It will also help me to develop my team and also my own coaching skills. I am excited to attend this webner.


  2. Timur
    2020-11-29 @ 14:37

    Find something new for Belarus hockey .! Thx for knowledge!


  3. Idhin ridwan
    2021-01-10 @ 12:13

    Nice program we want to joint


  4. Md javid
    2021-01-22 @ 15:18

    Excellent sir


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