Training Load - Planning & Managing by Kate Perry

Kate McMullan-Perry works for Field Hockey Canada Women’s Next Gen Programme and is the Sport Science Consultant for several hockey entities in Canada. Kate is currently also involved with Wheelchair Basketball Canada. Previously she has worked for the Scottish National Women’s football academy, for the Scottish squash programme, as a strength and conditioning coach for Tennis Scotland and Heriot Watt University.  Kate and her husband also run an online training business She knows a thing or two about Training Load 😉

But above all we share the love for hockey 😉 That's why she agreed to do a coach chat, sharing the knowledge, for us on Training Load. More specifically "Planning for and managing athlete training load", including:

  • what is load - volume/intensity
  • importance of variability
  • session planning sympathetic to load
  • how to monitor load with a zero budget (ie no access to GPS/HR monitor etc).

On Friday 2020-09-11 we were live at 07:30h in Buenos Aires, 11:30h in London, 12:30h in Amsterdam, Brussels, Köln, Paris, Barcelona, Johannesburg,... and on 16:00h in New Delhi, 18:30h in Perth or 22:30h in Auckland. By the way... that's 06:30h in the morning for Kate. The things we do for hockey 😉

By the way.... if you're looking for more knowledge shared about the physical part of your job as a coach, you need to make sure you also take a look at "The physical profile of a training week" by Xavi Haro... a very insightful presentation as well. Free for our members and available as a mini-course for those who're not a member (yet) 😉

So by now you're too late to join in live & free... But if you're a member you can watch the replay in full below ⬇︎ If you're not a paid member you could still see the presentation by Kate as a mini-course for a small fee. This mini-course will be up here ASAP...

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Enroll in the mini-course

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