Video analysis for youth coaches by Emily Calderon

Emily Calderon

On Friday 2020-08-28 we hosted a new Coach Chat. Emily Calderon shared with us her insights about how to use video analysis (and how not to use it) for youth coaches.

Emily Calderon is a young Belgian coach and the video analyst for the current world champions, the Belgian national men's team, as well as for reigning EHL champions Waterloo Ducks. She knows a thing or two about the right way to use video analysis...

We were live at 07:30h in Buenos Aires, 11:30h in London, 12:30h in Amsterdam, Brussels, Köln, Paris, Barcelona, Johannesburg,... and on 16:00h in New Delhi, 18:30h in Perth or 22:30h in Auckland. But that's done & dusted. If you missed the live stream, we do have a full replay video available for you right here ⬇︎ (members only)


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