Winning the relegation battle - by Todd Williams

Former Australian international Todd Williams will talk to us about his ideas to help win the relegation battle. A difficult topic, but one lots of coaches and teams at one time or another will have to deal with.

So take out your calendar and write this in at Friday 2021-01-29 at 11:30h UK time, which would be 22:30h in Sydney & Melbourne, 19h30 in Perth, 17:00h in India, 13:30h in most of Africa, 12:30h in Europe, 08:30h in Buenos Aires or... Saturday the 30th at 00:30h in Auckland. Make sure you block that time in your calendar if you want to join us live. As usual if you join us live it's free, if you want to watch it on demand you need to be a member.

I'm excited to tell you we're going to be trying out a new online "venue" for our coach chats. It will offer a lot more interaction possibilities for us all. You, as the attendees now have some extra options to weigh in your opinions, questions, remarks. Through chat, as we already did, but now there's more... After all, our mission is to share knowledge, not just take it in.

We open our doors 30 minutes before the live session, so you can join us early. Have a talk with old and new friends in our lounge, as if they are sitting across the table from you 😉
Or do some speed networking to get to know fellow coaches from all over the world. The lounge will also remain open for more or less an hour after the live session for your networking or a casual chat with fellow coaches. So confirm your seat today ⬇︎ and don't forget to #sharetheknowledge

Seats are guaranteed for our members but limited for all others, so you might want to confirm your seat ASAP... You do not need to confirm a seat to watch the replay video afterwards. This will be available on demand for all logged in coaches from our free coach community until Monday. Members will of course have on demand access to the replay video whenever they want for ever.