Aerials into the D

The aerial into the D is being used more and more as we could see during the recent world cup in India. In one of our panel talks former Belgian international and German coach Xavier Reckinger was wondering why teams were not adapting better defensively. So we invited him alongside David Ames, captain & central defender for England & GB to get both a coaches and a players perspective. We asked Keely Dunn, from the one and only to present us with a few clips and the umpires perspective.

Now you can be the judge if these ingredients make up a nice recipe in the video below… But sometimes life creeps up on you and Xavier Reckinger had to cancel just before we were live (with a solid reason 😉), so we very happy to have Bernardo Fernandes interrupt his jog and join us last minute (literally last minute almost)

The full video can be found at my YouTube channel as well as the channel for FHumpires… or you can watch it below on demand for free ↓

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