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Confidence: a choice and a skill – by Katie Warriner

Confidence is both a choice and a skill says Katie Warriner 🇬🇧. She is the senior performance psychologist for England and GB hockey among other sports.

Katie Warriner

Katie Warriner

Katie Warriner has been embedded in Olympic sports for the last decade, supporting many of UK’s most successful athletes at the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Engaging with individual athletes, teams and the corporate world. Above all, she is passionate about supporting people to develop the mindset skills and practices required to be the best they can be.
You can find some of her online courses here or email Katie here in case you want to get in touch with her after you saw the coach chat below 🙂

Confidence, a choice and a skill

Mental coaching touches on so many aspects of team coaching. But I’m sure we can all relate to the confidence issue. Whether you’re coaching elite athletes, men or women or young children… confidence comes into play for all of us. Katie Warriner will share her knowledge on how a coach can recognise and help build the confidence for his or her athletes and teams. Because it also is a skill to master…


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