Helping young players cope with pressure

Helping young players cope with pressure – by Rob Clift

On Friday, November 19, 2021 we brought you Rob Clift to talk with us about helping young players cope with pressure. Rob Clift (1962) is a former player for the GB and England teams and won Olympic gold in Seoul 1988.

Rob Clift hockey

Following his playing days Clift became interested in coaching, got his MSc Sport & Exercise Psychology degree. He founded The Mindset Hub and as he says himself: “I’m not a sport psychologist. I’m a sportsman and a coach who loves helping young athletes get better, in their sport and beyond.

Helping young players cope with pressure

Mindset plays a vital part in how we perform and young athletes can benefit enormously from learning how to develop theirs, especially as become more independent and develop their own identities.

November 19

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