Injury Reduction Training Methods – by Matthew Eyles

injury reduction

The topic of choice for Matt Eyles on May 6 is injury reduction training methods. The idea, as usual, is to have an interactive (!) session where we expect you to have your input as well.

Matt Eyles

Matt Eyles 🇦🇺 is an Australian S&C coach with a lot of experience in International hockey. Between 2013 and 2016 he was the S&C coach for the men from Hockey India. Following his move to the Netherlands he worked for 4 years for the Dutch national Olympic association. These days he is the full time head of S&C for the Dutch national woman's team So we were very happy when he agreed to #sharetheknowledge with all of us at The Hockey Site.

Injury reduction training methods

Injury prevention is always top of mind in coaching. So injury reduction training methods are a key component for teams in top hockey. After many technical, tactical and mental topics we thought it was imperative to once again look at the physical component of our coaching job. We're very happy to have an expert like Matthew Eyles willing to #sharetheknowledge with us. But as usual the goal is to make this as interactive (!) as possible again, so make sure you join in live and join the discussion with your own questions and remarks!

So we were live on Friday May 6. We went live at 13h CEST in Europe, which would be 7am EST for the US & Canada, 8h in Buenos Aires, 12h in the UK, 13h in South Africa, 16:30h in India or 19h AWST in Perth, Australia.
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See it on demand

Below you'll find the replay video, following May 6. The on demand video for this coach chat becomes "members only" 3 days after the live session. Some short clips of this might make it to our YouTube, so make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel or even better become a member here so you can see all of it on demand whenever you want including all of the shorter clips we will distill from this. But before that date, make sure you book your free seat to join us live, because nothing beats talking with a top coach yourself and asking your own questions...

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