recycling press

Recycling press

The recycling press is the topic presented by Fede Tanuscio 🇦🇷 from The Hockey Sense. If you follow these guys you know you’re in for a treat of tactical insights very well illustrated with animations and annotated video. This Friday we’ll talk about building your practice session with a focus on PC’s not using the direct drag flick.

Fede Tanuscio & The Hockey Sense

fede tanuscio

Born in Argentina Fede Tanuscio came to Europe to become a pro hockey player and played for Argentina and in several top leagues across Europe. These days he is the technical director for Luxembourg.
Together with his friends Lucas Rey and Lucas Cammareri he co-founded The Hockey Sense. They combine their experiences as international players and coaches in different parts of the world for the joint study and analysis of modern field hockey with the same goal we have here #sharetheknowledge.

Recycling press

How to deal with the press in front of an outlet by the team in possession.  What to do when they bring the ball in a vulnerable area of our defensive system. He’ll talk about some common mistakes by strikers, midfielders and defense when this happens and how to practise solving these potentially dangerous situations. Fede Tanuscio will show us how he build a practice session for your team with a focus on the recycling press.

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  1. When player gets the ball in the box. Does know one apply pressure to ball when team is dropping

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