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Share the knowledge is all about our hashtag “share the knowledge”. We want to provide hockey coaches all over the world and from all levels (if you’re ambitious and eager to learn) a platform to learn from the best and to share our knowhow among each other. So…. Join us !

sharetheknowledgeWe will offer 4 services:

  1. Coach Conference
  2. Coach Chat
  3. Coach Courses
  4. Coach Catalog

The Coach Conference will offer high profile keynote speakers and several workshops. What sets us apart is we will do this 100% online so coaches from all over the world will be able to attend without travel.
Coach Chat is where we will meet up online with renowned coaches from all over the world for a casual chat about their take on coaching plus a Q&A fuelled by your questions. A video chat with top coaches based upon your input & needs…
Coach Courses will be offered for online study of all elements in the coaching profession. Courses you can enrol from wherever you are, whenever you want and where you study at your own pace.
Last but not least we will host a Coach Catalog. An online library of drills, exercises and coaching knowhow ready to use in your daily coaching & training or for inspiration. A shared catalog filled with relevant knowledge, drills and coaching stuff. Our Coach Catalog will always be free for all. We believe all should have free access to these basic components of hockey training and we ask coaches from all over the world to share their drills and exercises with us… #sharetheknowledge !

FIH academy logoAll of our services will be 100% online and therefore complementary to all regular “off line” courses by federations and local commercial academies. We’re endorsed by the FIH Academy… and seek to cooperate with national and continental federations as well as with commercial partners to bring you quality content.

Would you like to know more or contribute to share the knowledge, please contact us here

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