World Cup Panel Talks 2023

During the 2023 men’s world cup we’ll host 4 panel talks with some interesting hockey people, just talking hockey 🏑 : January 15 after the opening games, January 21 after the pool games. January 27 following the quarter finals and January 29 following the semi’s and just before the medal games.

January 15: Mark Knowles, Mo Fürste, Bob de Voogd & Judith Vandermeiren

The first panel talk from January 15 featured Mark Knowles 🇦🇺, Mo Fürste 🇩🇪, Bob de Voogd 🇳🇱 & Judith Vandermeiren 🇧🇪 :

About PCD ↓

Who wins gold ↓

January 21 : Xavier Reckinger, Shea McAleese, Agus Corradini, ...

The second panel talk from January 21 following all poule games featured Xavier Reckinger 🇧🇪 & Agus Corradini 🇦🇷 :

Aerial into the D ↓

Every great idea starts with a crazy idea ↓

January 27: Danny Kerry, Ben Bishop, Jude Menezes & Jeroen Baart

The third panel talk from January 27, just before the semi finals featured Jeroen Baart 🇧🇪, Danny Kerry 🇬🇧, Ben Bishop 🇦🇺 & Jude Menezes 🇳🇿 :

January 29: Sander Baart, Miki Delas, Thomas Briels, Tobias Walter

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