Rebound scoring by Jude Menezes

Rebound Scoring – by Jude Menezes

The topic of choice for Jude Menezes on June 10 is rebound scoring. #ICYMI become a member to watch this session and all others on demand or get the course we created from this live masterclass.

Jude Menezes

Jude Menezes The Hockey Site

Jude Menezes 🇮🇳 🇳🇿 is the former goalie for India before he moved to New Zealand and became a “kiwi” himself. He worked as the goalie coach and an assistant coach for the New Zealand Blacksticks for many years and gained a lot of experience in international hockey. Following the Tokyo Games he took on the new challenge of being the head coach for the women national team of Japan. In January 2021 he delivered a masterclass session for us about the PCD from a goalie’s perspective. We’re very happy he agreed to #sharetheknowledge with us once more in between some major games and tournaments with Japan.

Rebound Scoring

To the fans it sometimes look some player just have a natural feel for the rebound goal.  While undeniable some are more adept in this particular skill than others, it most certainly is a skill coaches can teach and train. So we’re looking forward to the masterclass on this scoring topic from this international topcoach.  But even though I’m sure the presentation will be worth it, as usual the goal is to make this as interactive (!) as possible. So make sure you join in live on YouTube and participate the discussion with your own questions and remarks. Because like Jamilon Mülders (another one of our top coaches) said in his masterclass: “Asking is the best way of learning.”

On Demand viewing

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