Why XPS helps coaches

A short masterclass about the “why, how & what” of XPS and its added value for for hockey coaches. The Hockey Site has decided to take its partnership with XPS to the next level. All of our subscribers will get a XPS Trainer license so the #sharetheknowledge we try to provide here at thehockeysite.com can immediately be used in real life as well.

In this masterclass Ernst Baart from thehockeysite.com together with Agust Thorkelson, the CEO of the company behind the XPS app will share with you a quick overview of some of the most important features in XPS and its use in the day to day life of field hockey coaches.

We’ll show the collections where you can store all of your (!) drills, exercises, practices, workouts, videos, game plans,… and all relevant knowledge you want to store and share. We’ll go briefly into the possibilities of our Playbook tool to visualize your plays, drills, SSG, etc… Next we’ll talk about the calendar and scheduling practices, workouts, games and all team or athlete related events. We’ll build a practice session together and show you how you can use the stats, evaluations and monitoring tools XPS provides to track your progress. Last but not least we’ll share some best practices to get you started… And of course there will be time for our traditional Q&A as well.

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